Bad timing, Shigefumi Matsuzawa

Japan and the world are reeling in the aftermath of the 8.9 magnitude earthquake that destroyed much of the north east coast of Honshu and has left potentially thousands dead and even more homeless.

Of course this would be the time for Kanagawa prefecture governor Shigefumi Matsuzawa to stump his political agenda of banning violent video games. Matsuzawa cited titles like Grand Theft Auto III as a negative source that could potentially drive up the murder and violent crime rate in Japan.

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“Games like ‘Grand Theft Auto III’ award points and allow advancement for murdering people, and there are cases of these games lowering inhibitions to killing and ultimately stimulating people to murder.”

Now I’m sure Matsuzawa is a stand up guy and he may be truly concerned about violent crimes, something that Japan is known to have very few of, but really, is now the time? Maybe Matsuzawa should reconsider his priorities and assist in rescue efforts or lead an awareness cause on getting his countrymen the rehabilitation and emergency resources they need. Oh and stop scapegoating a game that is a decade old, there’s much more recent violent games out now that deserve their share of scapegoating.

Kotaku – Yesterday Was a Great Time for a Japanese Politician to Say He’ll Ban Games


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