Dead or Alive Dimensions GDC Trailer

One of the early titles for the 3DS that has garnered my interest has been Dead or Alive Dimensions (I see what they did there…Dimensions…3 Dimensions). Not because of the gratuitous “physics” engine built for the moderately dressed female cast members, but because I have been playing the fast paced fighter since DOA2 on the DreamCast and it has consistently been my forte in the world of fighters.

When Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden creator (and lothario) Tomonobu Itagaki left Team Ninja and Tecmo in 2008 over contract disputes and sexual harassment allegations, I was fearful that there would never be a Dead or Alive 5 or its production would not be the same without the shameless producer. Although Team Ninja has continued on well enough, releasing Ninja Gaiden Sigma II on the PS3 (a director’s cut of the original NGII) and confirmed that Ninja Gaiden III is coming, Dead or Alive hasn’t had much air around it besides the spin-off Dead or Alive Paradise and the fighter for the 3DS.

Sadly, Dimensions appears to be as advertised as a mix of DOA3 and DOA4, which isn’t a bad thing, it just lacks the ingenuity and flair that I was hoping for. As happy as I am that DOA will finally receive a portable version of itself, I am disappointed at the notion of having minimal additions. While the game appears to run smoothly, I will need to see it in action to solidify my opinion either way. DOA5 feels like a long way off.

G4TV – Dead or Alive Dimensions Trailer

UPDATE: G4TV’s embed is acting weird so the above link is a direct link to their site. Below I will post the debut trailer off of G4TV’s YouTube account.


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