The (Re)Birth of a Studio

Like the phoenix rising from the ashes (and other cliche metaphors about coming full circle), a new studio has been formed in the wake of Bizarre Creations demise.

Lucid Games, formed by key staffers from the Liverpool studio looks to refocus on the talents and originality that made Bizarre such a draw in the first place.

I’m hopeful for more Geometry Wars and Project Gotham Racing, but only time will tell. Hopefully Microsoft will consider tapping the new studio to develop PGR5. Maybe in cooperation with Turn 10th of Forza Motorsport fame?

Maybe this is another indicator that Activision simply lacks the ability to manage in-house studios with formerly successful devs with ugly deaths of Infinity Ward and Bizarre Creations and even the mismanagement of Neversoft and Red Octane.

Destructoid – Lucid Games formed by ex-Bizarre Creations staff


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