Nintendo 3DS sneaks in some surprise

And no, that isn’t a reference to the fact that both Snake and Sam Fisher will be appearing on the big N’s fancy (gimmicky?) new handheld.

If you scroll through Destructoid’s coverage and brief snapshot impressions of the early titles, you might pick out a couple gems. Sure the rebirth of Kid Icarus, a new Paper Mario and any Metal Gear are all great thing, but I am legitimately excited about two titles.

Pilotwings Resort and Tales of the Abyss.

I have a secret love for Pilotwings and its eccentricity in non-believable aviation. On the SNES, I have a cartridge floating in the dust filled catacombs of my house where hours and hours were spent trying to perfect the odd flying contraptions of that game. When Pilotwings 64 came out, even with the added characters and new 3D physics, it was still a charming game that was really underappreciated.

Tales of through Abyss on the other hand, is, or at the very least, should be a recognized title. Part of Namco’s Tales series, Abyss is widely considered as the second best entry of the previous generation. Abyss builds on the formula created by the highly successful Tales of Symphonia for the GameCube. This time, on the PS2, Abyss had the great character design, real-time combat, and mature story line that so many fans adored Symphonia for. Today, the game sells for at least $80 used and is considered one of those gems that highlights a series. Thinking of this as a handheld, 3D game has got me excited for losing my copy years ago.

The 3DS has a lot of quality titles that really should be to big N’s advantage. Rarely do system launches have a lineup this impressive.


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