Hey, if you’ve stumbled upon this blog by accident, then welcome. If you’ve come here because I told you about it or you were referred here, awesome. Here’s the basics about Theory Flaw.

My name is Ris, for now. If I decide to start signing my real name then that’ll be that, but for now, it’s just Ris. I’m a journalism student in Hawaii, hoping to get my break and do this type of work for a living. Not necessarily blogging, but writing in general. I have a background in basic newswriting with a forte in opinion, editorials and reviews.

Theory Flaw will be a blog that will centralize around gaming and technology, with a spattering of pop culture, current events, sports and whatever else I may find interesting at the moment. I’ll do my best to keep tabs on my ramblings and distinguish one from the next, but the success of that will be seen in the future.

For now, thanks for reading and please comment.



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